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Seeds of change

Take action to bring families together this Christmas

Thousands of British citizens are fighting for their right to live in the UK with their loved ones.

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Becky and her 6-month-old daughter, who has never met her dad

Life on the MIR - Becky's story

Becky met her partner Abdou in Morocco, while she was volunteering in orphanages with children with disabilities.

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The Minimum Income Requirement affects families across the generations

A change of heart on love?

“Your success in life

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A Good Post Day for JCWI

A good post day

A good post day by trainee solicitor Ellen Fotheringham
Every day the casework team at JCWI receive the daily post by email, which often contains decisions from

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All major opposition parties say the Minimum Income Requirement must be scrapped

The £18,600 price tag on love - time for action

Thousands of families will be happy to hear the Labour Party's renewed call to scrap the Minimum Income Requirement, which stops anyone earning less than £18,600 a year from marrying a partner from

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My Legal Life

My Legal Life

This article first appeared in The Law Gazette - a very interesting profile on our Head of Legal - Nikki Burgess, why she chose immigration law  and her outstanding work here  at JCWI:

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JCWI on C4 News Debate

Immigration Debate on C4 News - we were there!

Last week, Britain celebrated of the 50th anniversary of Windrush.

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How much hostility is Enough?

How Much Hostility is Enough?

JCWI  has been at the forefront of the Windrush scandal - highlighting the grave

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The Hostile Environment

“You can’t look towards your future, because you don’t know if you do have a future”.

Last week, Simon Israel of C4 News reported on our one of our clients - the Foster family.

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