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Bring Them Home

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Posted on December 05th 2017

“All I want for Christmas is… family.”


Christmas is a time for family.  Yet this year, as the rest of us are opening presents around the Christmas tree with our loved ones, thousands of children will not be so lucky.  Yet again, they’ll spend Christmas without one of their parents.  Grandparents will also not be able to see their children or grandchildren.  Men and women scattered across the world will be unable to spend Christmas at home, where they belong, with their loved ones.

Many have not seen their families for months or even years and many more do not know when they will see each other again. Their lives are in limbo.  Because, these are the families that Theresa May has broken. Separated by cruel and unfair restrictions on the ability of husbands, wives, mothers and fathers to join their family in the UK. 

To highlight this issue we launched a new campaign to Bring Them Home. And on Saturday December 2nd, came together on the steps of St Martin’s In The Field, London with children and families from across the country and sang carols to draw attention to the government’s shameful record on keeping families apart.   We sang under grey chilly skies, but with hope in our hearts for a brighter future. Hope that this government will see sense and bring an end to their punitive immigration policy which divides families. 

The campaign got off to a great start. We had an Op-Ed in the Huffington Post which went viral (over 3k shares and over 25,000 page shares), a really supportive piece on Talk Radio and the icing on the cake, we were joined  by Cathy Newman from C4 News who interviewed our chief executive Satbir Singh and Caroline Coombs from Reuniting Families which was later seen on the evening news by millions of people across Britain and if you missed it, you can watch it here:

But the fight is far from over. We will not stop campaigning until every family this government has torn apart is reunited here at home. Will you join us?








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