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Diane Abbott is Right - We Need A Fair and Humane Immigration System

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Posted on February 26th 2018

The hostile immigration system adopted by the UK Government under Theresa May's watch as Home Secretary in 2012, isn't working.... for anyone. The system's unfair, it's cruel, opaque, targets the less well off, the voiceless and marginalised. Meanwhile, with crops rotting in the fields, an NHS funding crisis growing year on year (partly due to cuts but due to an increasingly elderly population set against an a shortage in skilled and highly skilled labour) we're failing as a country to address our economic, social, education and health needs, now and in the future. In other words, as far as our immigration system is concerned, everyone's losing.  Which is why we made our voice clear by jointly writing an Op Ed  for the Huffington Post with Detention Forum ( and Refugee Action ( on what needs to be done and you can read it here:…

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