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Ensuring equal access to the NHS (free workshop)

Background: This is the first in a series of workshops that aims to unpack the consequences of imposing upfront charges in hospitals for perceived “overseas visitors”. The NHS Charging Regulations require most secondary care provided by the NHS, now including secondary care provided by non-NHS bodies and community health services, to identify individuals who are not eligible for treatment free at the point of use and to charge them up-front for their treatment.

The workshops are part of a wider project run between Doctors of the World and JCWI

Who is this course for? This course is designed to support frontline advisors and advocacy groups to understand the risk of discrimination and human rights violations as a result of the NHS Charging Regulations.

The course is available to community groups, NGO’s, legal professionals, academics, MP case workers, local authorities, unions, human rights organisations and service deliverers over the Spring and Summer of 2018.  Please get in touch with if you would like us to deliver a workshop in your area. 

Course content: Over the 90 minute workshop we will:

  • Introduce the legal framework surrounding the NHS Charging Regulations

  • Provide details of right of access to secondary healthcare

  • Understand which services are exempt from charging

  • Identify individuals who are exempt from charging

  • Clarify the terminology around necessary or immediately urgent care

  • Explore the process for identifying chargeable patients and associated problems

  • Identify groups who may be negatively affected by the charging regulations and how they can be assisted

  • Share further resources and expertise, and provide room for groups to discuss these issues 


  • 4th April in London (JCWI offices, Old St) - Ended
  • 11th April in London (May Day rooms, Fleet St) - Ended
  • 19th in Oxford (Asylum Welcome) - Ended
  • 25th April in Sheffield (The Sanctuary) - Ended
  • 21st May in Bristol (Malcom X Centre) - Ended
  • 23rd May in Brighton (Voices in Exile) - Ended
  • 4th June in London (Friends House + live stream) - Ended
  • 6th June in Liverpool (John Moores University) - Ended
  • 6th June in Newcastle (Bamburgh House) - Ended
  • 13th June in Cardiff - Ended
  • 20th June in London (Kalayaan - focused on domestic workers) - Ended
  • 27th June in London (Red Cross) - Ended
  • 1st July in London (with Voice of Domestic Workers at Unite) - closed training
  • 11th July in London (TBC) - Ended
  • 17th July in Reading (Red Cross) - Ended

Spaces to this workshop and all future workshops under this project are completely free of charge. If you would however, like to make a donation to JCWI in order to support our broader activities you are able to do so below. 

This training will be delivered by Chai Patel - Legal and Policy Director, and Guppi Bola - NHS Project Co-ordinator