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Immigration Debate on C4 News - we were there!

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Posted on June 25th 2018

Last week, Britain celebrated of the 50th anniversary of Windrush. Whilst it is right and proper to celebrate all the Windrush generation contributed to our communities and this country, it is also important to remember, when it comes to immigration,  we are still in a hostile environment. With hundreds of calls coming into JCWI from people affected by the Windrush scandal seeking compensation - or just some advice and someone to listen to them - and no clear response yet from the Government on how this compensation is going to work, C4 News hosted a wider debate on all aspects of the hostile environment and what sort of immigration system Britain should have going forwards after Brexit. JCWI's Nicola Burgess took part in the debate, alongside Laura Clarke and Geraldene Foster, both of whom have had their lives shattered by the immigration system in different ways. Watch the debate and their stories here:…


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