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JCWI Great Repeal Bill Briefing

Sleepy summer days are about to end with a bang in early September, when MPs come back to Westminster and Brexit debates begin again with full force.

Under the spotlight first will be the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19 (formerly referred to as the ‘Great Repeal Bill’). This bill was quietly introduced into the House of Commons on 13th July and will receive robust attention from MPs during Second Reading scheduled for 7th September. It provides the broad legislative basis for implementing Brexit, incorporating and amending EU legislation as it is brought onto the domestic statute book.

Although the repeal bill does not deal directly with immigration and asylum law, it has wide-reaching implications for these areas, and in particular for EU citizens’ rights if Brexit negotiations fail. Migrants’ rights advocates need to know what risks the bill presents, and help MPs to consider its potential impact.

Read more about the implications of the repeal bill for immigration and asylum in this JCWI briefing which you can download on the left.