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Our client Michael Braithwaite on C4 News

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Posted on April 05th 2018

Please watch this heart rending story about our client, Michael Braithwaite.

Micheal, who has lived in London since the early 1960s came from Barbados as a young boy to  the mother country, as Barbadians saw it - Britain. He  is a grandfather, father, musician and teacher's assistant. But after decades in the UK, was threatened with deportation by the Home Office and as a consequence lost his job. All this despite the fact that Michael Braithwaite was given permanent leave to remain, is British and a  tax payer who calls this country his home. He has been  caught up in a system which JCWI has called out time and time again as inhumane, unfair, unjust and cruel .

As his lawyer Enny Choudhury pointed out, "The Home Office records which we obtained a copy of,  confirm that he has indefinite leave to remain. So why is he being denied work and told he may have to leave UK? Another instance of the absurdity and irrational application of the hostile environment.”

We hope that Michael's case will be resolved soon  but meantime, how many more innocent people must  have their lives ruined by this cruel immigration system, before the government sees sense and creates a system which is fair, equal, humane, doesn't discriminate and upholds the Rule of Law?…


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