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Take action to bring families together this Christmas

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Posted on December 04th 2018

Thousands of British citizens are fighting for their right to live in the UK with their loved ones. They want to see politicians change the rules and scrap the Minimum Income Requirement, which says that British citizens who earn less than £18,600 a year can't live here with a loved one from outside the EU. Will you take action to support them?

If you have 5 minutes to spare, you can help by writing to your MP and telling them why these rules need to change. 

First, click here to find out how many people in your area are denied the right to love who they choose because of the MIR. Search by your MP's name, or the name of the constituency where you live, to see what percentage of people where you live earn less than £18,600. 

Next, head to and enter your postcode - then, click the green button to Send a Message to your MP. Your message doesn't have to be long or complex, but it should tell them why you as a constituent are concerned about these rules and would like to see them changed. Be sure to let your MP know what proportion of people in their constituency currently don't have the right to love who they choose because of the Minimum Income Requirement. Once you've submitted your message, please send a quick email to to let us know the name of the MP you contacted, and whether you would like to be kept up-to-date with the latest news from our campaign.