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Minoo Jalali JCWI

Minoo Jalali

Minoo Jalali was a practising lawyer, and an executive member of the largest Iranian women organisation formed in the aftermath of the Revolution in 1979.  She campaigned against the violation of human, and specially, women’s rights. As a result, she was unlawfully banned from practice and had to leave Iran in 1983.

In Britain she first worked with the Citizen Rights Office in Edinburgh.  She also together with other women activists helped to set up the first Asian women refuge in Edinburgh.

In 1987, she joined Avon and Bristol Law Centre in Bristol where she helped in setting up its immigration team, representing clients and campaigning on asylum and immigration rights issues.  She was a founding member of the Refugee Women’s Legal Group which was formed in 1996. Its aim was development of a gendered perspective on refugee law and practice.    

Minoo has been a board member of Refugee Action since 1994 and a trustee of JCWI since 2008. In 2013 she was appointed Chair of Trustees at JCWI.


Edlira Alku JCWI

Edlira Alku

Edlira brings over 15 years of strategy and management experience from across the private, public and charity sectors. She currently works for Macmillan Cancer Support leading high profile and award winning financial support partnerships. She is also an advisor for European education projects.

Edlira holds two MA Degrees in European Studies and Development from respectively the University of Sussex (UK) and the University of Regensburg (Germany).

She is passionate about multicultural societies; advice, immigration and most of all making things happen by addressing the policy-practice gap. She joined JCWI as a trustee in2015.  


Susan Cueva

Susan Cueva

For the last 10 years, Susan has been working as a National Development Officer in UNISON’s Strategic Organising Unit with lead responsibility in organising migrant workers and in the care sector. UNISON is the biggest public sector workers union representing 1.3 million members. Before this, she worked as the Deputy Director at Voluntary Action Camden (VAC) where part of her role was developing and managing VAC’s European funded projects, in coordination with 5 other CVS across London around issues of poverty. She served as a Trustee for almost 10 years at Refugee Action, after working with them as one of the Regional Team Leaders. In the Philippines, she worked as the Chief Executive Director of the International Transport Workers’ Federation’s (ITF) campaign Against Flag of Convenience. The ITF is the global union federation of all transport workers union across the world.

Susan completed a post graduate degree in Political Science from the University of the Philippines and in Economics from the London School of Economics.  She joined JCWI as a trustee in 2008.


Melaku Getachew

Melaku was born on 10th October 1959 in Ethiopia and studied law at Addis Ababa, University.

He came to the United Kingdom in 1989 as a refugee. Melaku continued his studies in the UK and obtained and LLB and LLM the University of Warwick. He was admitted as a solicitor in February 2000 and started practice in  human right, immigration and asylum law.

In 2005, he became  a partner in a firm of solicitors expanding his areas of practice to commercial and property law. Since 2009 he has been practicing as a consultant solicitor.

He is married with 4 children and is a keen reader of history, philosophy and literature. He joined JCWI as a trustee in 2006


Berni Graham

Berni Graham

Berni is a social researcher and evaluator in the not for profit sector, focusing on issues and services for people who are so often marginalised, and working extensively with families, children and young people. Her research builds on her previous experience working in health and social welfare, disability and looked after children. Much of her evaluation work examines how well organisations deliver on their aims and targets and meet the needs of their service users. Berni has an extensive background in the advice field, having worked on as a welfare rights adviser, appeal representative, trainer and policy worker for over 25 years. She regularly trains other professionals and user groups, to undertake their own research or evaluation. She joined JCWI as a trustee in July 2016.

Belaynesh Hailemariam

Mrs Belaynesh Hailemariam

Belaynesh has over 15 years of charity finance experience and currently works as Director of Finance for British Psychotherapy Foundation, a registered charity. Previously, she worked for  Women’s Therapy Centre, a mental health charity and Turkish Women's Centre a registered charity in a range of senior finance roles.  Belyanesh is also a freelance consultant for TRT Accounting services.

Belaynesh is a qualified  chartered Accountant and a member of (ACCA) Association of Certified and Chartered Accountants. She obtained her BA degree in Accounting from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia and a BSC in Fiscal studies from University of Bath, UK.

She is interested in social issues in particular around women and girls. She is JCWI’s treasurer.


Alex Teytelboym

Alex Teytelboym

Alex is an economist at the University of Oxford. A lot of his research focuses on "matching markets". Recently, he has co-authored a number of papers on the design of systems to match refugees incorporating the preferences of refugees and the priorities of countries and local areas. He is working with governments in order to implement these matching systems. His work has turned into a public policy project, called Refugees' Say.

Alex has a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics and an MPhil and DPhil in economics from the University of Oxford. He joined JCWI as a trustee in July 2016.

Dan Wilsher

Daniel Wilsher

Daniel Wilsher is Professor in Law at The City Law School. Before coming to City in 2002, Daniel was a solicitor and partner in a London law firm specialising in asylum, immigration and human rights law. As well as teaching at City, since 2006 he has been a part-time Immigration Judge in the First-tier Tribunal, Immigration and Asylum Chamber. He joined JCWI's board of trustees in 2009.

As his first degree, Daniel undertook law and economics at King’s College, Cambridge. He went on to work in medical law and ethics for Action for Victims of Medical Accidents and then as a Nuffield Research Fellow. He then trained to become a solicitor. He moved into academia in 2000 after taking an LLM in European Law at Queen Mary College, London. He went on to take a PhD at the Centre for Migration Law, Radboud University, Njimegen in 2009. He was appointed Professor at City in 2014 and teaches immigration law, European law and the EU energy law and policy.

He has made a special study of immigration detention and his work has been cited in cases by the House of Lords and the High Court of Australia. Daniel's book ‘Immigration Detention: Law, History, Politics’, published by Cambridge University Press in 2011, was the first large-scale study of this important issue. He has been a consultant to research funding organisations including the Nuffield Foundation and the Leverhulme Trust. In 2009-11 he was a consultant to a research project on access to justice in migration cases funded by the Baring Trust. In 2014 he was also an expert member of the EU-funded project on immigration detention ‘Contention’ run by the Migration Policy Institute, European University Institute, Florence.

Karen Maclean

Karen Maclean

From her role in a leading retail and investment bank, Karen brings over 13 years of commercial and finance experience to JCWI. Originally from Scotland, Karen has lived in London since 2005. Karen was attracted to JCWI because of her desire to promote fairness and equality in society and her passionate belief that the system can (with the right policy behind it) provide greater justice for all. In her spare time, Karen loves to travel and experience new cultures.

Farah Rangosch

Farah Rangosch

Farah has been a financial accountant for over 20 years in various industries, including banking, real estate, insurance, pharmaceuticals and data centre providers. Her focus has always been on improving business processes and liasing between finance and other business areas. Her voluntary work includes running Rappelkiste, a professional crèche for working parents and several voluntary Treasurer roles. She has always seen migration as a very natural human concept and has personally aspired to raise awareness and counter prejudice wherever it appears.