We believe in a fair and just immigration system

A fairer, more efficient and more humane immigration system, with laws based on sound evidence.

No migrant or refugee is made destitute, denied fundamental rights or forced to live in fear.

Greater access to justice and greater respect for human rights, human dignity and the rule of law.

The benefits of migration are celebrated and shared, with no community left behind.

Minnie Rahman becomes Interim Chief Executive of JCWI

We are delighted to announce that Minnie Rahman will be our Interim Chief Executive until December 2021, while Satbir Singh takes parental leave.


Author: Ruth Stokes

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Whether you're new to immigration advice or an experienced practitioner, we have courses at all levels, to help you keep up with the ever changing immigration rules.


Author: Ruth Stokes

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  • ON DEMAND: Climate Justice is Migrant Justice - Together we Win!

    Join us to hear from campaigners at the forefront of the struggles for racial, migrant and climate justice. Read more

  • JCWI's Annual General Meeting 2021

    Our Annual General Meeting for members, with an update from the Chair of Trustees, Guppi Bola, and our Interim Chief Executive, Minnie Rahman. Read more

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  • “It’s difficult to beat the smile on a person’s face when you have just secured their release from detention or their right to stay in the UK”

    Nicola Burgess, Legal Director

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