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Stop Charter flight deportations to Sri Lanka

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Posted on September 27th 2011

Inflite centre at Stanstead - home to executive jets and people facing an uncertain fate.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 28 September, UKBA are set to remove over 50 Sri Lankan nationals. They are currently being held in several detention centres across the country. Charter Flight PVT 030 is set to leave at 3pm tomorrow from Stanstead Airport with the 50 on board. Many of these removals will be forcible. This is the second time a removal flight with this flight number has been organised by the Home Office. Please see our previous blog for more background on this practice together with our human rights concerns about this. Failed state Sri Lanka is  on the list of 25 failed states. A failed state is characterised by very poor human rights, an absence of state protection, massive internal conflict, forced internal/external displacement, institutionalised political exclusion of significant numbers of the population ,  endemic corruption, profiteering by ruling elites, and no proper governance. Anyone seeing the Channel 4 coverage of the massacre of the Tamil fighters and large numbers of innocent civilians will recognise that Sri Lanka is a failed state and be acutely aware of the dangers of these removal. Inflite 'Inflite the Jet Centre' is facilitating forced removals by allowing UKBA to use Inflites' facilities at Stanstead Airport. Free Movement is encouraging everyone to contact Inflite to reguister their opposition to the removals. The company email adderess is The Home Sectretary can be contacted via her email: those with more faith in the Lioberal Democrats may wish to drop Nick Clegg a line: Fopr more detail and the source of this bulletin, please see the free movement website

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