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Theresa May was not making it up

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Posted on October 04th 2011

No, the Home Secretary did not make up the myth about the cat - she has people to do that kind of thing for her.

In her conference speech today, Theresa May said:

"We all know the stories about the Human Rights Act ... The illegal immigrant who cannot be deported because – and I am not making this up – he had pet a cat."



David Allen Green, in the New Statesman blog answers the claim very eloquently, we feel the debunking deserves as much repetition as possible before the myth becomes accepted as fact. Even the most cursory dabble in research would have told the Rt Hon Lady that her words today would ultimately make her look foolish:

Donal McIntyre debunked this on Radio 5Live two years ago.

Tabloid Watch, perhaps not on Theresa May's reading list, perhaps it should be?

Even the Daily Telegraph reported the cat was indicative of one of many reasons, and Theresa is bound to read that, so why twist even a half truth?

We think a retraction and an apology for misleading conference should be the least the Home Secretary should do.

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