People move. Human history is stories of migration.

We move for love, for work or study, or because we cannot stay.

But for decades, politicians in the UK and across the Global North have been building systems that make life impossible for those who move, and frequently punish them for even trying. Hostile media feed xenophobic myths and narratives about “us” and “them”.

As the horrors of the climate crisis become realities, these narratives are being ramped up – and worryingly, sometimes picked up by those who we might hope to see as allies.

Migration is not a threat, nor a problem to be solved – it is a reality.

The UK’s ‘hostile environment’ policies make life difficult and dangerous for people who move to the UK. Migrants from the Global South are particularly vulnerable in an immigration system that treats migrants as ‘temporary’ for years, even decades – denied basic rights and left vulnerable to exploitation.

Tackling the climate crisis means protecting those who are most vulnerable to its impacts. We can only do this when the voices and solutions of people of colour are front and centre.

Our struggles for racial justice, migrants’ rights, and a liveable planet are bound together.

Find out more - watch back our event, 'Climate Justice is Migrant Justice', hearing from acitivsts on the frontlines of campaigns for climate, racial and migrant justice.

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Illustration by the incredible Roshi Rouzbehani

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