The brutality of the immigration system must end. Families are separated. Migrants and citizens are denied basic public services. The Home Office wrecks people’s lives through callousness and mistakes. There are so many battles already being fought, but so much more we can do.

To celebrate the launch of our manifesto, a vision of an open Britain, we are holding a day of talks and workshops on the practical actions we can all take to fight for a fairer immigration system.

Join us to hear from inspiring activists on their campaigns, and together we will work on new plans on where we go from here.

You’ll come away with fresh ideas and actions you can take, individually or in your community, to fight back against the brutality of the system and make life better for people who move here. And you will receive a copy of our manifesto, which explains the 13 battles we need to win for a fairer immigration system.


Outline of the day

The morning sessions will include a panel of activists on how they’re fighting for justice for migrants, and workshops on a wide range of issues, where we will create new plans and actions we can take individually or in our communities.

In the afternoon, Greenpeace will join us for training on non-violent direct action, including how to plan and prepare an action and how to care for each other throughout.

Session details to follow! Sign up today for free!

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