"When people ask me if a borderless world is possible, I answer that many people are already rejecting borders, living across them in defiance of state laws."

On 24 March we were delighted to welcome Leah Cowan in conversation about her new book, Border Nation.

Border Nation looks at how borders impact all our lives, whether it's the inhumanity of deportations, or a rise in racist attacks in the wake of the EU referendum. Laying bare the web of media myths that vilify migrants, Border Nation dives into the murky waters of corporate profiteering from borders by companies like G4S, and the ramping up of everyday borders through legislation. She looks at their colonial origins, and explores how a draconian approach to border crossings damages our communities.

As borders multiply, so too must resistance. From demonstrations inside detention centres to migrant-led campaigns and acts of cross-border solidarity, people are fighting back to stand up for everyone's freedom to move.

Watch back as Leah Cowan joins JCWI's Minnie Rahman to discuss Border Nation, the damage being done by the hostile environment and why and how we must resist oppressive border regimes. 

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