The past few months have shown how the UK immigration system makes people vulnerable. Migrants face being cut out of healthcare, barred from the social safety net, left in absolute poverty, and the right to safety at work undermined. We believe Britain can do better than this.

In this webinar we will hear from three artists and activists on how to get creative in campaigning for change. Join us to hear about their work and activism, how art and creative projects can change minds and perspectives, and how you can get started in rethinking and sharing your vision of a fairer future.

We're delighted to be joined by:

  • Aleesha Nandhra - illustrator, comic maker and print maker Aleesha co founded artist-led cafe Mil Ke Chai to create space to nurture friendship and enterprise across class, caste and religion. 
  • Haylee Venus - Community Organiser, performer, creative artist and entrepreneur, Haylee established Spoken, a collective of change-makers who champion the power of creative and cultural expression as a catalyst for social action and positive change.
  • Zain Dada - writer, researcher, and cultural producer, Zain is currently Programme Manager at the charity Maslaha and is the co-founder of Khidr Collective - a platform for British Muslim artists.

Minnie Rahman, Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager at JCWI will lead the discussion and ask how we as migrants' rights campaigners can bring our creativity into our activism. 

Booking for this event has now closed.