When a tree is planted, it puts down roots in its new home. It gives life to its new surroundings, and is able to flourish and grow. All our families deserve the right to do the same.

The UK has some of the harshest family separation rules on the planet. Tens of thousands of British people are kept from building a family life here, just because the Home Office says they don't earn enough. This is something that has impacted my own family. You can read a bit more about the policy, called the Minimum Income Requirement, here.

On Saturday 9th November, we will come together to plant a Family Tree to raise awareness of the impact of these discriminatory rules and call for change - come and be part of it!

It's a free event, but please sign up on the Eventbrite to let us know if you'll be able to make it. 

We'll be gathering from 1pm at Living Under One Sun, the community garden and hub inside Down Lane Park, close to Tottenham Hale. Please register if you are able to join us. We look forward to seeing you!