Trainer: Brendan Beder

Level: Basic/Intermediate

An interactive course to learn how to better understand how your work can impact on your life, to manage stress and pressure effectively whilst enhancing relationships with clients and colleagues and dealing with confidence with difficult issues. The trainer, Brendan Beder, is a qualified Executive Coaching who has been providing coaching to law and other professionals for over a decade.

The course will look at:

  • Wellbeing and resilience defined and its significance in the workplace
  • The Cost of Stress – Absence from work, overwhelmed at work – Absenteeism/Presenteeism
  • Change Management - Dealing with an ever-changing legal landscape
  • The significance of Choice at any given time 
  • Enhanced communication with clients and colleagues
  • Enhancing confidence – how to deal with tough situations and unfamiliar terrain
  • Managing Work-Life balance


At the end of the course participants will have a better understanding as to how wellbeing and resilience impacts their lives.  They will have a new perspective as to important issues that the client may be facing but not necessarily communicating. They will be more attuned to communicating effectively with clients and more able to deal with challenging situations. This course will include role play and interactive, experiential feedback.

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