I am a born philanthropist brought up to have compassion for people and put others first before myself through my hard and challenging up bringing in Zimbabwe. I never had a childhood and became a mother at 8 taking care of my siblings whilst my mother worked after my father suffered a stroke. As an immigrant myself, having gone through all the hardships and challenges of integration, I am a firm believer of work diversity and equality. I have given a speech at the Labour Party conference in 2014 on that topic, how ethnic minorities and our children are disproportionately represented in the economy.

I am passionate about immigrant integration in the society and campaigned as a Labour Party Council Candidate in Bedford for two elections. I have worked closely with various charity organisations to facilitate integration in Bedford and London. I founded the Bedford African and Caribbean Society. I am also the founder of Women Today worldwide. I work closely with UN Women in Africa and a firm Advocate for Women Rights and Women involvement in Security and Conflict resolution from victims to leaders. This was brought about my background in security and the civil war in Zimbabwe. I am a United Peace Federation Ambassador for Peace Award winner for humanity. I am passionate about the challenges women face in the implementation of SDGs which I have I spoken about through UPF.

I am also a founder of Breaking Heaven Prayer Ministry through the gift that I have. I work with people from all over the world using my life experiences to strengthen others. I am also the Executive Chairwoman for all women groups in the UK through the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group. My expertise lies in diplomatic engagement as I do attend meetings in Chatham House in London, events in the House of Commons and meetings at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office through ZDFG and community organisations and immigrants. I am not an academic psychologist but am one by experience and have made a mark worldwide. I am affectionately globally known as Mum Cee.