The fight against the Hostile Environment depends, more than anything, on solidarity. The Hostile Environment only functions when we are divided from one another – but when we come together, we see how much stronger we are. Read on for some suggestions of things you can do to show solidarity and help the movement grow.

Put up a poster (10-minute action):

In collaboration with an amazing artist, Efea Rutlin, we’ve created two inspiring posters. The message? Whoever we are and wherever we’re from, we all deserve the right to dignity, and to work that is safe and fulfilling. Click here to take a look and print one, or email us to order a free copy to be posted to you. Once your poster arrives, be sure to put it up somewhere visible, like a front window or a car rear windshield. If you use social media, take a picture of your poster in its new home, and share it with the hashtag #WorkItOut and this link: If you sign up to become a member of JCWI, we’ll send you a copy of both posters, as a way of saying hello and welcome to the movement.

Stand in solidarity with people sleeping rough (10-minute action):

Home Office rules introduced in December 2020 mean that people can now be deported from the UK if they end up sleeping rough. That means that people born abroad can be sent away if they fall on hard times, even if they have been here for years, and even if they have a valid visa. This is made even more cruel by the fact that most migrants in the UK are barred from accessing any benefits – so if they lose their job they could also not only lose their home, but also be deported from the UK as a result.

These rules are mean and vindictive, and they must not stand. Local councils have a huge role to play – they can refuse to cooperate with the Home Office, and send a message, loud and clear, that they will not participate in a system that punishes people for falling on hard times. Several councils have already taken a stand, saying that they won’t collaborate with the Home Office to deport rough sleepers.

Write to your local council to urge them to do the same. We’ve got a template letter, which you can access here. There will likely be a councillor in your local area who focuses on housing and homelessness issues – try googling the name of your council, plus the words “councillor” and “housing.” Once you find the relevant councillor, their email address should be on the council’s website.

Please let us know what response you get – you can forward it to [email protected] or just drop us a line to let us know. This action is really key to letting local authorities know what they can do to stand up to these bullying tactics from the Home Office, and why they must do it.

Fundraise (up to you!):

One really key action you can take is to organise a fundraising event. This could be to raise money for JCWI’s work supporting people affected by the Hostile Environment, or to help a local grassroots migrant organisation – click here to see a map of some of the groups doing important frontline work around the country.

A fundraiser is just as much about the conversations it starts as the money it raises – it’s a great way to get people talking about the cause you’ve chosen to support.

In terms of what you do to raise funds, it’s up to you! Check out some fundraising ideas here, or get creative. If you decide to support JCWI’s work, please let us know by emailing us on [email protected], and we’ll see how we might be able to support you.