All over the planet, people are coming together to do something that’s as simple as it is powerful: plant a tree. In Ethiopia, people planted an unbelievable 353 million trees in 24 hours. Sikh communities across the world are aiming to plant a million new trees this year. And in Pakistan, one of the countries that will be hit hardest by climate change, one billion newly-planted saplings have already taken root.

Across the globe, people are taking action on a massive scale to rebuild our forests and stop climate change in its tracks. The tools are simple, and the message is clear: we will protect our planet, our communities, our homes.

Here in the UK, thousands of people will take action on Saturday 30th November, by planting their very own tree – and we want to help you be part of it too. When a tree is planted, it puts down roots in its new home. It gives life to its new surroundings, and is able to flourish and grow. But here in the UK, cruel laws mean that people are separated from loved ones for years, and sometimes indefinitely, just because of how much they earn.

You might have seen an article by Kylie, a Northern Irish photographer and mum of three, whose family has been torn across two continents for months because of a rule called the Minimum Income Requirement. She's caught in a nightmarish Catch-22, and her children are growing up without their loving dad. Why? Our government says she doesn't earn enough money to have her whole family together.

There are thousands more families in this situation. Many have ended up leaving the UK just so they can have a family life together in a place where the right to love isn't judged on income. That’s why families all over the country are standing up for change by planting a Family Tree, to send the message that all families deserve the right to grow together.
We want you to be part of the change! If you want to do something amazing for families, for the planet and for your community by planting a Family Tree – on 30th November or whenever suits – email us on [email protected], and we’ll help you every step of the way. You can also find out more about the project by clicking here.

We want to map all the events taking place across the country, and show that the time for change is now. Let’s fill our towns with Family Trees!