Reports & Briefings

Read the latest research & analysis about our immigration system and find out more about our policy proposals for a world in which people move. Read more

Our alternative to the Queen's Speech

As the Queen opens a new session of Parliament on Thursday 19 December, we set out the changes we would like to see on the agenda. Read more

Are you with us?

For 50 years we've been stepping up, speaking out and defending the rights of migrants. Are you with us? Read more

General Election 2019

This election is an opportunity to push for change to our system and for you to let your candidates know that migrants’ rights matter to you. Read more

Have your candidates signed the pledge for migrants' rights?

Find out if candidates in your constituency for the General Election 2019 have signed the pledge to stand up for migrants' rights. Read more

Annual Reviews and Audited Accounts

Annual reviews and audited accounts for the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. Read more

Windrush Lessons Learned Review Leak

Excerpts of Wendy Williams' draft report seen by Channel 4 News and JCWI damn the Home Office as 'reckless' Read more

The Windrush Justice Fund

We're excited to launch the Windrush Justice Fund, in partnership with the Mayor of London. Read more

Join our Executive Committee

All members of JCWI can stand for election to the Executive Committee, either as individuals, or as a representative of their organisation. Read more