This note is for people who want to apply to live in the UK as the spouse or partner of:

  • a British citizen,
  • someone settled in the UK (with indefinite leave to remain), or
  • someone with UK refugee status.

Click here to read the guide.

It applies both to people who are not currently in the UK and wish to join their partner here and to those who are already in the UK and want to remain as a spouse/partner.  It is designed to help people understand the process, especially if they do not meet all the requirements of the rules.

UK immigration law is very complicated. The law changes frequently and often relies on technical legal terms. Even for experienced lawyers, it can be difficult to understand and apply. Individuals cannot be expected to follow every legal development, but it is worth trying to understand what the main rules and requirements are and your rights in relation to them.

JCWI’s policy and legal teams are monitoring how the Home Office is handling cases where the income threshold is not met. To assist with our research, if you have had an application for a spouse/partner visa granted or refused since 10 August 2017, please send the refusal letter to [email protected]. We will keep all details that could identify you confidential. This will help us assess whether caseworkers are correctly applying the rules and to raise any issues.