There are nearly 4 million nationals of EU countries living in the UK who, along with their family members, will have to apply for settled or pre-settled status in order to continue living in their own homes after 2020. Many have lived in the UK for years or even decades, and have built their lives here with their families. Although the process is meant to be straightforward, many will need help and support with their applications, and others don’t even know they or their children need to apply. If just a fraction of those who need to register are unable to, potentially hundreds of thousands of people will become undocumented and subject to the Hostile Environment.

Since 2017, JCWI has been really proud to be have hosted UKCEN, a volunteer-powered platform that provides advice and support to European nationals who either need some support with settled and pre-settled status applications, or are going through the tricky process of becoming a British citizen. So far we've managed to help over 20,000 people and in 2021, we want to reach even more. We can't do this without your help, so please, help us make sure that our European neighbours, friends and colleagues have the support they need.