Windrush Winter Emergency Appeal

The Windrush scandal is far from over.

No one should face winter without a way to pay their bills or put food on the table. But thousands of members of the Windrush generation are still waiting for the money they are owed by this government, after its policies saw them lose their jobs and homes or even wrongfully detained them.

Delays and mismanagement of the Windrush compensation scheme mean that by the end of November, just £2.2m had been paid out to 226 claimants, from a compensation pot originally expected to pay out more than £200m to as many as 15,000 people. That’s not good enough.

The scheme is too slow, too complex and too meagre to truly compensate people for the loss they’ve suffered. Members of the Windrush generation have endured an incredible amount, with lives put on hold, savings eaten up, debts accrued and earnings lost.

This winter we are raising and distributing emergency funds to members of the Windrush generation who are still waiting to receive the payouts they are owed by the government. The fund has been kick started by an anonymous donation of £10,000. Every penny raised will help people struggling with health needs, debt resolution, paying bills, buying food, clothes and basic necessities or helping families through a difficult time. 

This winter, stand with the Windrush generations who are still waiting to see justice. Donate to the Windrush Winter Emergency Appeal now.