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Arming the Resistance to the Family Migration Restrictions

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Posted on May 23rd 2012

The dossier of case studies contained in JCWI's pamphlet United by Love Divided by Law?  details the potential impacts of the some of the family migration proposals put forward by the Government. It has received some enouraging feedback from parliamentarians and others, but we'd like a lot more....

We'll be updating and expanding the pamphlet when the Home Secretary sets out the Government's response to the family migration consultation. The pamphlet in its current format deals with the position of spouses and civil partners of British citizens and those with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. It specifically looks at the  maintenance threshold,  extension of the probationary period, and the attachment requirement).  You should have a look at the pamphlet for explanation of the proposals, and how they could in future be relvant to you. 

We would very much like to expand the range, and number of case studies we include in our updated pamphlet. We want to provide a comprehensive picture of the impacts of these proposals on people's lives.  We'd be particularly interested to hear from refugees who went on to secure British citizenship, young couples, and those with disabilities, but having said that we're still interested in all case-studies that are relevant.

Your story could make the difference

You can be certain that the Home Office will not be issuing any stories of those who will be adversely affected by future  family migration rule changes. We need to further humanise the family migration debate and to inject real stories into all of this showing just how these proposals will affect British citizens and immigrants alike.

If you, or anyone you know is, or has been, in a situation that just might be able to build up our dossier of case studies, please download this form, fill it in and return it to us. Please send the completed form to

It might just be the story that tips the balance.


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