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Next steps against the Family Immigration Rule changes.

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Posted on June 18th 2012

A comment on a previous blog on this website shows the level of support for the campaign against Theresa May's family immigration rule changes. Chris Bryant has received 500+ emails from people urging him to take a stand against the rule changes. That outstrips our expectations and gives us real hope that we can make a difference.

But 500 emails, while good, aren't going to make the difference on their own, so we say it's time to step up the pressure, and raise awareness wider still.

Take to the Tweets!

From tomorrow (Tuesday 19 June) until the day the rules are set to be introduced, we will be tweeting out a fact or a statement about the rule changes. the tweet will have a link to more info somewhere on this website. If you are not following @JCWInews on twitter, please do so, and retweet the daily tweet. We only have 1200 followers, but with our followers' followers, we have a huge reach!

Mobilise for Parliament!

We want as many people as possible to step up from emailing and being 'keyboard warriors' and come and see their MPs face-to-face. So, in conjuction with the Migrant Rights Network and others, we are organising a fun day out in the Houses of Parliament on the day, Monday 9 July, these iniquitous rule changes are implemented.

  • At 4.30pm, there will be a protest (with media friendly street theatre) near Parliament
  • After the protest there will be time to speak directly to your MP about the issue (you might even be able to persuade them to take you for a coffee in the splendid surroundings of the House's coffee rooms!). It's best to arrange to lobby your MP as far in advance as possible. There's a handy guide to lobbying at Parliament's very own website.
  • In the early evening, at 6.30pm, Lord Judd will be hosting a meeting in the Grand Committee Room, in the Palace of Westminster where MPs, Lords, but most importantly the people effected by the rule changes will be invited to speak, to share their grievances and pool experiences.

If you are coming, please let us know through registering for free at eventbrite - it will help us ensure there's space for everyone.

Knowledge is Power!

We are currently busy working away at updating our dossier of case studies, adding in a load of analysis and interpretation of the rule changes and how they will play out in reality. There's hundreds of pages of stuff to work through, and guidance notes, yet to be published by UKBA. But we're sure to let you know when that's ready.

We're not going to stop hammering away at this, we hope you won't either.

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