A training contract at JCWI has given me the best possible start to my legal career while allowing me to contribute to a wider fight I feel passionately about.  

A combination of accessible and supportive supervision and trust in my ability has given me a level of experience and confidence I couldn’t have imagined when I started two years ago. To illustrate, at the very start of my training contract I was asked to meet a client in prison to assist him with a simple bail application. Two years later, I have represented him in an urgent judicial review in the Administrative Court challenging his removal, a successful unlawful detention damages claim in the County Court and finally a deportation appeal, won on humanitarian protection grounds.  

I have found the most rewarding part of my training contract carving out my own niche and interests in what can be a vast and daunting area of law, something that has been encouraged and facilitated at every stage. My developing interest in public law was fostered through a secondment to Liberty and an opportunity to work more closely with our policy team on developing strategic litigation.

I have also loved working with our communications and campaigns teams, as well as different organisations across the sector. These collaborations have provided alternative routes for my clients to fight their cases in conjunction with my legal work, while also at times allowing their cases to feed into a wider fight for migrants rights.

If you are considering applying for a training contract with JCWI – go for it!

I can’t say it will be easy but it will be challenging in the best way, incredibly rewarding and a team of amazing colleagues are always on hand.

Ellen Fotheringham

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You have until 14 September to apply.

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