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Seasons Greetings and Out of Hours Services

JCWI wishes festive seasons greetings to all our friends over this holiday period. 

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Top international students and academics keep our universities at the  cutting edge of global knowledge, technology and innovation. The  diversity they bring to campus life enriches the educational experience  for British students and helps build strong links with other nations for  decades into the future. They bring with them an estimated £7 billion  in income, injecting substance into the UK’s economic recovery.

Theresa May is Wrong: International Students Welcomed by the British Public

In a proposal also being considered for the Conservative Party Manifesto Theresa May is proposing that foreign students leave the country at the end of their courses rather than continue to contribute to UK society.

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It's not Jesus' fault you're a bigot

Free Movement of Dangerous Ideas

There is, rightly, little control on the spread of ideas – but when those ideas put people in danger, we seek to prevent them reaching safety.

By Alex Cooray, JCWI Solicitor

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Labour talking down immigration will not make it go away

Contradictory comments on immigration from Labour undermine Ed Miliband's pledge to engage supporters on issues such as NHS and penalising bosses.  

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Join us Tonight Debating Russell Brand and Far-Right Farage on Question Time

Take to the twittersphere tonight to take down the racists responding to Question Time. JCWI joins the debate.

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Right To Rent Checks - Our Survey

From 1st December 2014,  landlords in the ‘pilot’ areas, Birmingham, Wolver

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Increasing obstacles to belonging: Why migrants are more deserving of citizenship

Successive governments have burbled about forms of probationary citizenship for migrants.  Arguably, any such measure should apply equally to ‘indigenous’ Britons – but for the fact that no such pe

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JCWI's media responses to David Cameron's immigration speech

Further to David Cameron's unnanounced speech today on immigration our press office has been inundated with calls from the media requesting our response.

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JCWI obtains first grant of exceptional case funding

In the current climate of cuts to Legal Aid, general and legislative hostility to foreign national offenders; JCWI are very pleased to share with you a rare grant of exceptional case funding.

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Migrants and the NHS

The NHS and Immigration are two of the public’s greatest concerns and play a vital part in the General Election camapign.

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