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International students win amongst squabbling government

Chancellor George Osborne rejects Theresa May’s recent proposal to prevent International students staying once they have graduated due to warning that the move would damage British univer

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Seasons Greetings and Out of Hours Services

JCWI wishes festive seasons greetings to all our friends over this holiday period. 

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Top international students and academics keep our universities at the  cutting edge of global knowledge, technology and innovation. The  diversity they bring to campus life enriches the educational experience  for British students and helps build strong links with other nations for  decades into the future. They bring with them an estimated £7 billion  in income, injecting substance into the UK’s economic recovery.

Theresa May is Wrong: International Students Welcomed by the British Public

In a proposal also being considered for the Conservative Party Manifesto Theresa May is proposing that foreign students leave the country at the end of their courses rather than continue to contribute to UK society.

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