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Behind the scenes of poster photoshoot

Few places left for the ‘I am an immigrant’ poster launch event in London

TUC Vice President Mohammed Taj and SOAS Justice 4 Cleaners campaigner Consuelo Moreno and more join the lineup to celebrate migrants and challenge negative rhoetoric. Book now.

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Theatrical Love Stories aim to change immigration policy

The ordeal of thousands of families torn apart by the government's changes to immigration rules is exposed in a new play at Battersea Arts Centre. Love Letters to the Home Office, a new piece of writing by Katharine Rose Williams Radojičić and the Love Letters to the Home Office co-authors, will be part of the “Taking a Stand” season at Battersea Arts Centre, London, 30 April and 1 May 2015. Tickets:

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Farage's ‘points’ proposal will put people in danger

UKIP divide over dangerous immigration policies writes JCWI CEO Habib Rahman

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The Romanians are coming to protest at Ch 4

Romanians are conducting a 'silent protest' in f

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