When a tree is planted, it puts down roots in its new home. It gives life to its new surroundings, and is able to flourish and grow.

All our families deserve the right to do the same. But current regulations mean thousands of families are separated, just because of what they earn - you can find out more about this rule, the Minimum Income Requirement, here.

People all over the country want to see change, and are calling on politicians to scrap a rule that leaves over 60% of us priced out of love

You can be part of that movement by planting a Family Tree. Planting a tree with others in your community is a powerful way to show support for scrapping the MIR and bringing families together, where they belong

Invite your MP, get schools and local community groups involved, and do something great for the environment - just follow our step-by-step guide to find out how. It contains everything you need to know about planning a tree-planting event, getting the right people along and making sure you have as much impact as possible. 

Find a step-by-step guide here, or click on the picture below to download the entire activism pack.