Write to your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) directly to ask them where they stand on migrants’ rights. You can find a template letter here and do personalise it, PPCs like to hear how their constituents feel about the issues that matter to them. 

Ask them to sign our pledge so that they will commit to a fair migration system which makes no person vulnerable or destitute, and to ensure that all migrants can seek advice from their MP without fear of immigration enforcement. 

You can also ask them to take a selfie with our “I Stand with Migrants” poster, and share it on social media using the hashtag #peoplemove.

Check the map to see if your candidates have signed!

Click here to write to your MP now.


You’re likely to have candidates and members of their team knocking on your door - this is also known as canvassing. This is a great opportunity to ask them what they would change about the migration system and whether they would fight for the rights of migrants.

You can also attend a hustings where you have the chance to ask all the candidates a question directly. Look out for events in your constituency and go along – it’s a great chance to find out where they stand.