Our first action for the week is so simple, but so important. Your MP has the power to vote to scrap the rule that keeps families apart - the Minimum Income Requirement.

Writing to your MP lets them know that the Minimum Income Requirement is an issue that concerns you as their constituent, and that you'd like to see them take action. The more constituents that do this, the more likely they are to do what's right and vote to suspend the MIR.

So the first action in our 5 Days of Action for Families is to write to your MP.

You can do this really quickly and easily by clicking here, or on the button below. Type in your postcode and you'll see a template message pop up, already addressed to your MP. The message can be edited, so please do this if you'd like to add any personal reflections - this can really help get an MP's attention. Once you've sent your message, you can also share the action to social media in one click, so that other people do the same. 

I'll write to my MP!

It's so important that MPs know what their constituents are thinking, and what issues are of concern to them. Writing to them about the MIR is one of the most important things you can do to bring about change. 

Stay tuned for Day Two!