Thank you so much to everyone who emailed 5 friends about the Home Office's anti-family income rules, as part of Day Two's action. Social media is also such an important tool for spreading the word, and today's action is super simple: share a message about the campaign, and why you support it, on social media. This could be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever other platforms you might use.

There are some suggested posts below, which you can just copy and paste to post. They include a link to help people write to their MP. Of course, please do freestyle if you want to - just be sure to include that link, which is

If you're writing your own post, you could include links to recent news articles about the MIR, for example:

If you're using Twitter, find out your MP's handle and be sure to tag them in your tweet! You can find your MP's Twitter handle by entering your postcode here

Take a look below and let's get posting - we can't wait to see your tweets and posts!


In 2020, families are being split up because of how much they earn. I believe that's wrong. Find out more and take action here:


The @ukhomeoffice has built a system that splits people from their loved ones if they happen to be on a low income. I want them to have some compassion and let families be together, no matter what


In the UK right now, you have to "earn" your right to love. Our system tells people on a lower income that they don't deserve a family life. How can that be fair, or right? Find out more here:


Our broken spouse visa rules put a price on the right to live with your family. Women and people of colour are disproportionately hit by these rules. That simply isn't right - let's make a change now: