Inviting your local MP to attend your tree planting ceremony can be an incredibly powerful way to engage with your local representative about this issue and get them to show support for changing the system. As soon as you’ve picked a date for your event, make sure to invite your MP, so they have as much notice as possible.

You can find out who your MP is by clicking here and entering your postcode. You can then use the website to write an email to your MP and invite them to your event. Let them know the event details, what it’s about and any personal connection you have with the issue. To give your MP more background about the issue, you can include a link to JCWI’s briefing about the MIR and the impact it has on families.

It’s best to organise your event for a Friday or Saturday, as it’s more likely your MP will be in the area and able to attend. Between late July and early September, Parliament does not operate, and your MP may be away on holiday – so it’s a good idea to plan your event for the autumn or even the winter. It’s also a much better idea to plant young trees out in the colder months, when they are not actively growing!

MPs get a huge number of emails every day, so keep your invite as brief as you can – but do include personal details and your address, so they know you live in their constituency. You’ll normally get an automatic response that details how long you’ll have to wait for them to reply. MPs’ calendars fill up very fast, so be sure to invite yours well in advance of the date of your event.

If you’d like any more guidance about how to contact your MP, email [email protected], and make sure to let us know where you’re based.