Social media can be a really powerful way to promote your event, share photos of the tree-planting ceremony and publish updates about how your Family Tree is growing, how the campaign is progressing and anything else people can do to support it – for example, people who can’t come to the event but want to support can write to their MP by clicking here.

Twitter can be a great way to reach out to people. Facebook groups used by the local community are also a fantastic way of engaging with people, so it’s worth doing some research about specific groups – for example, a local parenting group or gardening club – that you might be able to join and post in.

On any form of social media, posts with images usually do best, so including the poster in anything you publish in the run-up to the event is a good idea. During the event, remember to take as many pictures as possible – but please do make sure you have permission from everyone who is taking part, especially if you plan to share the photos on social media or with journalists afterwards. 

After the event, be sure to post something mentioning all of the groups that attended, and thank everyone who took part or donated (for example, a local garden centre that gave you a free tree, or a café that provided some refreshments).

Please be sure to tag us on Twitter in any tweets about your event, by including @jcwi_uk in your tweet, and send us pictures of the event, so that we can support you and map all of the Family Trees being planted across the UK.