There will be lots of local groups in your community who might want to be part of a fun day out that’s good for the environment, good for families and good for the community. Some local groups you might want to reach out to are:

  • Schools and nurseries
  • Faith groups
  • Members of the local council
  • Local horticultural and gardening groups – you can click here to access an interactive map of groups in your local area
  • The local branch of groups like Greenpeace and Amnesty International
  • The local Women’s Institute group and other similar organisations

When sending out invitations, encourage people to email your local MP about this issue even if they won't be able to attend your tree-planting event. They can do this in the space of 2 minutes using our online tool, which lets people send a message about the MIR to their MP simply by inputting their postcode! Include a link to the tool in any email invitations you send out - the tool is available here: