The global pandemic has hit all of us really hard and migrants have faced unique problems. Many have been working on the front lines of the health crisis, or in other key roles, and they've had difficulty getting access to the support they need to keep themselves and their families safe. Drops in income affect everyone, but for migrants not meeting the income threshold could mean being separated from their spouses and partners here in the UK. And of course many have been separated from families and support networks abroad, or have become stuck abroad and are trying to get to their homes here.

Also this year all the rules change with Brexit, and with many changes to the Immigration Rules, meaning that many people will need access to good legal advice, which is unaffordable for most. We also need to hold the Government to account and press them to create a simpler, fairer and safer immigration system that protects the vulnerable and makes sure everyone's rights are protected.

JCWI is at the forefront of providing legal advice and support to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who need it, and is the leading expert organisation advocating for immigration policy reform that respects human rights and the rule of law. We're raising money for JCWI to help them protect the rights of all migrants in the UK.

Last year this event had to be put off owing to COVID, but the organisers have come through, and this April you will all have a pleasure that the global pandemic couldn't take away - of paying money for both a good cause and to make a friend or relative suffer a gruelling physical ordeal.

So please give JCWI your money and we'll give you extremely unflattering photos of us falling apart physically and mentally on 11 April.

Alexandra and Chai