20 MPs have been drawn in a lottery to get an issue of their choice on the Parliamentary agenda - using a Parliamentary tool called a Private Member's Bill.

They have until 6 February to confirm the issue they want to work on. If your MP is one of those selected, you can write, call or meet them in person to let them know you'd like them to use this chance to speak up for migrants' rights.

The 20 MPs who have been allocated a Private Member's Bill are:

 Bim Afolami  Conservative MP Hitchin and Harpenden [email protected]
 Mike Amesbury  Labour MP Weaver Vale [email protected]
 Paula Barker  Labour MP Liverpool, Wavertree [email protected]
 Alex Cunningham  Labour MP Stockton North [email protected]
 Philip Dunne  Conservative MP Ludlow [email protected]
 Simon Fell  Conservative MP Barrow and Furness [email protected]
 Mary Kelly Foy  Labour MP City of Durham [email protected]
 Mr Mark Francois Conservative MP Rayleigh and Wickford [email protected]
 Dame Cheryl Gillan  Conservative MP Chesham and Amersham [email protected]
 Peter Grant  SNP MP Glenrothes [email protected]
 Darren Jones  Labour MP Bristol North West [email protected]
 Chris Loder  Conservative MP West Dorset [email protected]
 Anna McMorrin  Labour MP Cardiff North [email protected]
 Mr Andrew Mitchell  Conservative MP Sutton Coldfield [email protected]
 Carol Monaghan  SNP MP Glasgow North West [email protected]
 Kate Osamor  Labout MP Edmonton [email protected]
 Dr Ben Spencer  Conservative MP Runnymede and Weybridge [email protected]
 Laura Trott  Conservative MP Sevenoaks [email protected]
 Dr Philippa Whitford  SNP MP Central Ayrshire [email protected]
 Bill Wiggin  Conservative MP North Herefordshire [email protected]

Not sure who your MP is? Find your MP

If your MP is on the list, please get in touch with them using our template letter below and ask them to use their Private Member's Bill to stand up for migrants' rights. It always helps if you can personalise it, to let them know why these issues matter to you.

If your MP isn't on the list it means they haven't been selected this time. We have another campaign we want to speak to all MPs about - find out more here.

Template letter to your MP

Copy and paste the below and send it to your MP using the email address listed above. Remember, it always helps if you can personalise it to let your representative know why these issues matter to you. 

Copy, paste and edit the below - or download a copy

Dear [first name, last name MP]

Congratulations on your success in the Private Members’ Bill Ballot. As your constituent, I am writing to ask that you use your Bill to call for a fair and humane immigration system that works for everyone. There are two key issues of concern, which I would ask you consider making the focus of your Bill.

Hostile Environment

The Windrush scandal highlighted the devastating impact that the Hostile Environment has on the lives of those who do not have the right documents. It also exposed the chaotic and dysfunctional nature of the Home Office.  

Research from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has shown how the Right to Rent policy directly causes racial discrimination in the housing market for British citizens and migrants. The same is happening in our hospitals, schools and workplaces.  

JCWI has taken the Government to court over their actions. The Court declared the scheme unlawful, ruling that it causes unacceptable racial discrimination, was incompatible with human rights law and cannot be reformed. 

In order to avoid another scandal of this kind it is vital that Hostile Environment legislation, contained within the Immigration Act 2014 and Immigration Act 2016, is repealed.

Minimum Income Requirement

The Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) means that British citizens or settled residents who earn below £18,600 a year cannot live in the UK with a partner from anywhere outside the European Economic Area. These rules mean that tens of thousands of families are separated, just because of the British partner’s income.

Before the income requirement was introduced, the immigration rules already stated that anyone wanting to move to the UK to be with their partner or spouse had to prove that they were in a genuine, loving relationship and pass an English test. What’s more, non-British partners have never had access to benefits on arrival

The MIR has a negative impact on families, on social cohesion and on the economy, and should be repealed.

Your Private Members’ Bill

These changes would make a real difference to people’s lives. I ask that you use your PMB to table a Bill repealing the Hostile Environment or the Minimum Income Requirement.

For more information, please see JCWI’s manifesto “People Move: 12 Steps Towards a Fairer Immigration System”.

Best wishes,

[Add your name, and your postcode or full address, to let your MP know that you are a constituent.]