The Home Office intends to operate a charter flight to Kingston, Jamaica on 11th February. Many of those facing deportation have been resident in the UK for decades and have close family ties. Read our urgent briefing here.

We often see people who are as British as the schoolmates they grew up with being deported for minor crimes like possession of cannabis. Their school friends caught up in the same folly are chastened with a short sentence and allowed to rehabilitate; meanwhile, they face a life sentence away from friends and family, in a country they have never known.

We have become aware that potential victims of trafficking have also been served with removal directions, and we have concerns that some may be victims of county lines exploitation. We’re also concerned that there are a number of very vulnerable individuals who have not been adequately assessed for their fitness to fly, despite presenting with serious medical conditions. Read our briefing, and then take action to help people at risk of removal access legal advice.

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