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Immigration Policy post-Brexit

Following the referendum vote to leave the European Union there will be significant changes to the UK’s immigration system. Currently we are in a state of uncertainty, with the Government unwilling to disclose their negotiation plans, and with the European governments and institutions unwilling to begin discussions until the Article 50 notification is made. JCWI is developing a policy and communications strategy to ensure that we are able to respond to government proposals on immigration, and to argue for a fair and equal immigration system that. We will respond to Government consultations, and to Government proposals on new immigration rules and argue for the rights of immigrants, for fairness and for equality in our immigration system.

5 Principles for Building a post-Brexit Immigration Policy

In the absence of any concrete proposals at present, we have developed a set of 5 principles that we believe immigration law and policy must embrace if it is to be effective, to garner public trust, and to deal fairly with all those affected by the immigration system.

You can read them here:

  1. New laws and policy must be led by evidence and pursue realistic and deliverable goals.
  2. Immigration policy and law in the UK must promote and respect the requirements of the rule of law.
  3. No community should be left behind: the economic benefits of migration should be shared amongst us all through reinvestment in communities, infrastructure, jobs, and education.
  4. Immigration policy should encourage long-term integration and the formation of stable, cohesive communities of migrants and non-migrants alike.
  5. Respect for human rights and equality must be integral to our immigration system.