“I’ve finally got a chance” says Jack, 23. With a passion for music and ambitions of becoming a producer, he is looking forward to a bright future. But it has been a battle to get here.

Jack (not his real name) arrived in the UK with his  family seven years ago. After poor legal advice, his application to stay was refused, and he became undocumented. 

Life was difficult. Jack was not allowed to work, and lived in fear of being deported. 

Then, out of the blue, he got ill. He started to get breathless, and became unable to walk. Then he collapsed.

He was rushed to hospital, where doctors found a heart defect. He had major surgery and was in hospital for six months. 

While Jack focussed on recovering, his dad kept up the legal fight. The situation became even more critical. “In my country of birth they don’t have the facilities to treat me. I will need another operation, five to 10 years from now. I need to stay in the UK – if I left I would die.” But the Home Office continued to threaten him with deportation.

Finally, Jack’s dad found JCWI. Together, we fought to get Jack his right to stay in the UK. 

“I just wanted a chance to study, to build my life” he says. “Now I finally have it.”

The UK is Jack’s home. But the complex, expensive and cruel immigration system has put his life on hold, and even at risk. 

We helped Jack fight his corner and finally secure his right to stay in the UK. But it shouldn't be this way. We all deserve to be treated fairly and equally. It will take all of us to build a fairer, more equal society. 

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