JCWI is coming to the end of its current three-year strategy, which started in 2019 and ends in 2022. We are proud of our achievements as an organisation, but we want to deepen our own understanding of what has made them possible. And we want to know how we need to improve, re-tool or evolve to deliver greater impact where it is needed while remaining true to our values and the communities we work with and for.

We are therefore beginning a six-month strategic review through which Staff and Trustees hope to undertake a deep and wide-ranging evaluation of our organisation’s impact, capacity, and culture, as well as the context in which we operate and the needs that we aim to meet.

We want this process to be rigorous, honest, and inclusive. We want to understand both how effective we are at meeting our objectives and whether our objectives are the right ones for this moment. We want to hold a mirror up to our own organisation, and we want to engage with a wide network of stakeholders and partners to understand what we need to do and what we need to be to better and more usefully support and work within a growing movement for migrant rights and justice. We want engagement with communities and individuals who have lived experience of borders to be at the heart of this, and we want to think critically about who JCWI is accountable to beyond this process.

This work will help shape our new five-year strategy, which will be delivered from 1 April 2022 onward. And it will inform changes to our structure which will begin in early 2022.

We are looking for a consultant (ideally a small team) to lead and support us through this process as a Learning Partner.

Download the Terms of Reference

Please download the Terms of Reference for more details. Final proposals should be submitted to the Operations Director at [email protected] no later than 10PM on Sunday 12 September.