We're surprised and touched that Led By Donkeys would like to contribute such a large sum to our work at the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

Led by Donkeys joins the tens of thousands of people across the UK who support our work by joining us as members, donating, showing up at our events and amplifying our campaigning materials online. We are our supporters, and we are ever grateful for everything they do with us.

We believe that people move, they always have, and they always will. We want to see migration treated as a beneficial reality, rather than a problem to be solved. We believe Britain can be a place where newcomers are welcome and safe, and where our communities are strong and open.

Since 1967 we've held 27 Home Secretaries to account on immigration without fear or favour. Whatever the eventual Brexit outcome, or the result of the General Election, the moment to rebuild the immigration system from the ground up is now.

Every day, JCWI works with our allies and partners to win justice for individuals who have been unfairly and cruelly treated by the Home Office. We campaign for an immigration system which treats people humanely and we do so by amplifying migrants' voices and perspectives. We call on every politician and party, including Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party to commit to working with us and to the polices set out in our 12 step manifesto for a better immigration system.

We believe it’s possible for Britain to be a place where people don’t suffer just because they move.

Where newcomers are safe and welcome and communities are strong and open.

Where policy is grounded in evidence and humanity.

A place where we tell each other the truth: building fences and walls cannot change the fact that people have always moved and always will. And that all our lives are better because of it.

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