We were devastated to hear about the deaths of 39 people, whose bodies were found in a lorry container in Essex this morning (Wednesday 23 October).

These people were mums, dads, brothers and sisters - they had hopes and dreams like all of us.

Nobody should be in any doubt that the ultimate responsibility for these deaths lies with government policy which has deliberately shut down safe and legal routes to the UK.

We need more than empty expressions of sadness and shock from Priti Patel and Boris Johnson, we need a commitment to opening safe and legal routes to the UK and quick decisions for people seeking to make a better life for themselves in the UK.

People move - they always have and they always will.

Nobody should have to risk their life to do so.

We will continue to campaign for safe and legal routes to the UK, and to defend the rights of people who move.

Read our briefing on the changes we need, to prevent further loss of life.

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