People have always moved, and they always will. As our new government takes office, we have highlighted what we think Parliament should prioritise for a fair and efficient immigration system that works for everyone.

We hope to work with Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum to stand up for migrants’ rights.

  1. Keeping Families Together

JCWI manifesto Keeping families together

We all deserve the chance to live and grow old with the people we love. This doesn’t change if one of us happens to be from somewhere else. Our immigration system has separated tens of thousands of families. Governments should seek to make it easier, not more difficult to build a life with those we love.

The Government should introduce a Bill which abolishes the ‘Minimum Income Requirement’ so that no family is forced to live apart or in permanent exile.

  1. Safe and Legal Routes

Most of the undocumented population in the UK is made up of people who came here legally, but subsequently lost their status, very often through no fault of their own. The minority who arrive here without documents are often those who are fleeing danger or who have a strong claim to be given status in Britain.

It’s time that the Government create safe and flexible routes to documentation so that people can quickly and easily regularise their immigration status.

  1. Rights of EU Nationals

JCWI manifesto: Keeping our promises to European nationals

As Freedom of Movement comes to an end, the government has placed the burden on European nationals to register for Settled Status, rather than automatically guaranteeing it. This will almost certainly result in hundreds of thousands of people with the right to be in the UK becoming undocumented. Overnight they will lose their right to work, to access medical treatment or to live with their families and will be criminalised.

We’re asking the Government to change the law so that no EEA citizen or family member is left undocumented and criminalised because they didn’t apply for Settled Status.

  1. Safe Communities

Our immigration enforcement system treats people brutally and destroys community spaces. Families are woken in the middle of the night by immigration raids, parents are taken away in front of their children. Others receive as little as 24 hours notice of removal from the UK. Immigration detainees are emotionally and physically abused and bullied, and told their lives are worthless.

Detention centres across the country need to be closed and the use of secretive charter flights to remove people should be ended.

We want the Government to cease immigration raids on workplaces, community centres and other public spaces and stop obliging employers and civil society organisations to facilitate such raids.

  1. Scrap the Hostile Environment

JCWI manifesto: Ending the hostile environment

The ability of a doctor to save lives or a police officer to keep us safe should never be put at risk or made to depend on whether the person in front of them can show their paperwork. But the Hostile Environment builds a border through our hospitals, our schools, our police stations and our communities. Doctors, landlords, police officers and teachers have been tasked with verifying immigration status and often people who look or sound ‘foreign’ are asked to show their papers in order to see a doctor or go to school.

The Government must scrap the Hostile Environment in its entirety.

  1. Home Office Reform

The Home Office should make quick and correct decisions about people’s status, supporting people to get on with their lives . And it should be transparent and accountable.

Over the years we’ve seen a culture of hostility, dysfunction and inefficiency set in, including at the very top. Policymaking is centralised and chaotic and decisions are often not open to scrutiny and review.

The Government must commit to comprehensive reform of the Home Office based on the outcomes of an independent and wide-ranging review.

  1. Safe MP Surgeries

Everyone should have the right to safely meet their MP. Migrants often approach their MPs for assistance and advice with their immigration, visas or citizenship applications. MPs are in a position of trust and authority, and it is a grotesque breach of that trust to report anyone who seeks advice to the Home Office for immigration enforcement. 

All MPs must commit to having safe constituency surgeries.  

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