Get active and show your support for migrants’ rights this September, with the People Move challenge!

This 18 - 26 September, walk, run, cycle or roll to raise money to fight for migrants’ rights!

Choose your challenge - whether you move 5km, 10km, 20km or 50km - together, we can do something amazing, and help secure a fairer future for all of us!

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Why join the People Move challenge?

People move. Down the road. To the next town, to the nearest city. And yes, sometimes people move across a border, to another country.

But here in the UK politicians have built a hostile environment for people who move. Migrants are treated as 'outsiders' for years or even decades, denied the basic rights and peace of mind we all need to get on with our lives.

JCWI stands up for people who move. Our lawyers fight for the rights of asylum-seekers, undocumented migrants and even people who’ve lived here their whole lives, but aren’t considered British. And we campaign to scrap the hostile environment, and inject a bit of humanity back into the system.

We believe Britain can be a place where newcomers are safe and welcome, if we start by acknowledging that people have always moved, and all our lives are better for it.

The People Move challenge in three simple steps

Step 1: Design your challenge

  • Will you walk, run, cycle, roll or something else?
  • Choose the distance to suit you - 5km, 10km, 20km, 50km or your choice. You can complete the challenge in one go, or across the whole week
  • Any questions? Check out our FAQs
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Step 2: Raise money for migrants' rights!

When you sign up, we will send you a step by step fundraising guide, filled with tips and advice to help you spread the word and raise lots! Remember, every penny raised will help the fight for the rights of migrants and for a more equal society.

Step 3: Move your way!

Between 18 and 26 September 2021, complete your challenge! Keep your friends, family and networks up to date on your progress and together we can do something amazing!

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