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JCWI works to promote justice, fairness and equality in immigration and asylum law and policy. One of the ways we seek to achieve this is through our policy, campaigning and lobbying work.

Our dedicated policy and campaigns team undertakes in-depth legal and policy research and publishes accurate information for journalists, policy-makers and members of the public, in addition to our media and lobbying work. You can read and download our recent policy briefings and reports here.

Our policy and campaign work also involves speaking up for the rights of migrants in the UK and countering the widespread hostile and negative narrative on migration issues. We are frequently approached for comment and interview in local and national print and broadcast media. You can see our recent media appearances here

JCWI’s policy and campaigns work is informed by our dedicated team of experienced immigration solicitors. If you are affected by any of the issues on this page, we may be able to provide direct legal advice and assistance. For more information, see Legal Advice and Assistance.

JCWI’s current policy and campaign priorities focus on the ‘Hostile Environment’, typified by the Immigration Act 2014 and the Immigration Bill 2015, and the impact of these measures on individuals and communities.   We also continue to fight against the unfair and discriminatory Family Migration Rules.

Hostile Environment and Undocumented Migrants

The Immigration Act 2014 and the Immigration Bill 2015/16 encompass wide-reaching changes that have implications for all migrants as well as BME communities and British citizens. These include changes to appeal rights, asylum support and access to services.

While the purported target of the hostile environment is undocumented migrants, evidence is emerging to show that the UK is becoming a more hostile place for all migrants, as well as many British citizens and BME communities, as a result of these measures.

Our current policy and campaigns work focuses on the following key areas

  • The Right to Rent checks and implications for securing housing for migrants and BME groups
  • Removal of in-country appeal rights
  • Non-removability and access to justice

Family Migration Rules

Building on our work over the past three years, including two reports and an intervention in the recent Supreme Court case challenging the financial requirements, Family Migration will remain a priority area until there is meaningful rule change.

  • Partners/Spouses: the financial requirements and the impact on children and families
  • Adult Dependent Relatives


Our current campaigns are:

  • I am a Migrant – the global version of our domestic I am an Immigrant campaign.
  • I am a Refugee – to be launched on 20th June 2016 International Refugee Day.


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