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Resources on EU Rights in the UK post-Brexit

With the help of funding from Unbound Philanthropy JCWI is working closely with the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) and Free Movement to provide resources and to advocate on behalf of those affected by Brexit. You can find out more about our advocacy and campaigning to ensure that post-Brexit immigration policy is fair and guarantees individual rights on our Post-Brexit Immigration policy page. You can download our parliamentary briefings and reports here.

This page contains resources for all those whose rights to reside in the UK may be affected by our withdrawal from the European Union.  Please bear in mind that nothing in these resources is intended to be or to substitute for legal advice from a qualified immigration adviser. The issues facing EU rights holders are complex, and subject to change as the Government's position becomes clearer. Please do seek up to date legal advice if you are able. 

Legal Advice from JCWI

You can find out more about obtaining legal advice from JCWI at this page on our website

Who is affected?

Those who may benefit from these resources include:

  1. Nationals of European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland residing in or planning to move to the UK;
  2. Non-European family members of such nationals residing in the UK;
  3. Those who used to be family members of such nationals (e.g. before a divorce);
  4. Those caring for a child who is an EU/ EEA/ Swiss national in the UK.


Free Movement, run by the immigration barrister Colin Yeo, has produced a number of free advice guides focused on the different categories of people with EU residence rights in the UK. The guides contain clear and detailed information about exercising treaty rights in the UK and the process for making an UK application for recognition of your rights.

You can download the following guides at this link:

  • EU rights guide for Workers
  • EU rights guide for Self-Employed people
  • EU rights guide for Self-Sufficient people (those living in the UK on their own funds)
  • EU rights guide for Students

Note on British Citizenship

If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss nationals considering acquiring British citizenship to secure your position in the UK, do please note that it could affect the rights of any family currently residing with you in the UK. Unless they have or obtain a separate legal right to live in the UK, they will be subjected to the same strict family migration rules as the family members of British citizens. You can find out more in the resources listed above. 

Further Resources

ILPA has commissioned a series of papers from leading practitioners and academics on what a post-Brexit immigration policy may look like. These are available to download from their website.