Over 80 groups have written an open letter calling on MPs to scrap Right to Rent checks, a key plank of the Hostile Environment, and one which has been declared unlawful by the High Court following a claim brought by JCWI. 

The Government is appealing the decision, and wants to continue implementing a policy that has been found to cause racial discrimination. The signatories called on MPs to take their opportunity to create a humane immigration system that works for everyone, by voting to scrap Right to Rent checks and the Hostile Environment.

You can take action too, by writing to your MP and telling them it's time to scrap the cruel Hostile Environment.

Act now to scrap the Hostile Environment

The letter is as follows:

"Right to Rent checks are a key plank of the Hostile Environment for migrants, which Theresa May created as Home Secretary. This March, the High Court found that the scheme caused racial discrimination against British ethnic minorities and foreign nationals with a right to reside in the UK. JCWI succeeded in its claim, and the Court declared the scheme incompatible with fundamental human rights.  Landlords, scared of making mistakes with complex immigration paperwork, have simply been taking the safest route: renting only to people able to produce a British passport or who “look and sound” British.

It is an outrage that a Government policy is causing racial discrimination and forcing ethnic minorities into poorer and more exploitative housing by limiting their access to the housing market. But when presented with this damning court ruling, which states the scheme cannot be fixed or justified and must be scrapped to avoid human rights violations, Sajid Javid has refused to act. Instead, he is arguing that the Government should be allowed to cause racial discrimination against BAME groups and foreign nationals in pursuit of immigration control, even though the court ruling shows there is no evidence that the scheme works.

This is deeply immoral. We are proud in the UK to have a tolerant society which regards all racism as unacceptable. The Government must not be encouraging racism to pursue Theresa May’s hostile environment. We need an immigration system that treats all of us with dignity and respect, not one where the ability of minority families to build a home is considered expendable.

Sajid Javid has refused to act, but Parliament has an opportunity to create a fair, humane and evidence-based immigration system through the Immigration Bill. Parliamentarians must stand up for migrants’ rights by taking this chance to scrap the Right to Rent Checks and end the Hostile Environment.”

The following 81 individuals and organisations signed the open letter:

Satbir Singh Chief Executive JCWI
Ake Achi Founder and Director Right 2 Work UK
Andy Gregg Chief Executive Race on the Agenda
Sian Summers-Rees Chief Officer City of Sanctuary
Jabeer Butt Chief Executive Race Equality Foundation
Bella Sankey Director Detention Action
Nazek Ramadan Director Migrant Voice
Philli Boyle Calais Manager Help Refugees
Clare Moseley Founder Care4Calais
Emma Harrison CEO Imix
Dan Wilson Craw Director Generation Rent
Lisa Doyle Policy Director Refugee Council
Zrinka Bralo Chief Executive Migrants Organise
Maike Bohn Co-Founder The 3 Million
Sarah Mann Director Friends Families and Travellers
Jilna Shah Interim CEO Migrants Rights Network
Rosario Guimba-Stewart CEO Lewisham Refugee and Migrants Network
Sophie Cartwright Policy Officer Jesuit Refugee Service
Sinthia Arefin London Renters Union
Peter Starkings Director Global Future
Beth Wilson Director Bristol Refugee Rights
Jumbo Chan Labour Councillor Labour Councillor Brent
Cllr Una O’Halloran Labour Councillor Islington Executive Member for Community Development
Cllr Sue Lukes Labour Councillor Labour Islington Migrant Champion
Lisa Matthews Coordinator Right to Remain
Guy Taylor Campaign Manager Global Justice Now
Rt Revd Jonathan Clark Bishop of Croydon Churches' Refugee Network
Omar Khan Director Runnymede
Cllr Maurice Mcleod Labour Councillor Labour Councillor - Queenstown Battersea
Zoe Gardner Another Europe Is Possible
Cllr Shaista Aziz Labour Councillor for Rose Hill & Iffley
Corey Stoughton Acting Director Liberty
Cllr Daniel Stone Labour Councillor for Stroud Green Labour Councillor
Cllr Ruth Gordon Labour Councillor Tottenham Hale Ward, Haringey. Labour Councillor
Mel Steel Director Voices in Exile
Lucy Nabijou Cordinator Haringey Welcome
Pragna Patel Director Southall Black Sisters
Dr Edie Friedman Executive Director JCORE
Lucia Vinzon Director Indoamerican Refugee & Migrant Organisation
Daf Viney Centre Manager Hackney Migrant Centre
Yva Alexandrova-Meadway Policy and Campaigns Manager Consonant
Rev’d Nigel Uden and Mr Derek Estill Moderators of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church The United Reformed Church
Leila Zadeh Executive Director UKLGIG
Adele Owen Director Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum
Jennifer Longford, Christopher Hill, David Mezzetti and Elena Isayev Board of Trustees Refugee Support Devon
Jennie Geddes Director Family Refugee Support Project
Cllr James Chiriyankandath Labour Councillor, Haringey
Cllr Mike Hakata Labour Councillor, Haringey
Niall mann Refugee and Migrant Centre
Cllr Mark Blake Labour Councillor, Haringey
Eiri Ohtani Project Director Detention Forum
Revd Michaela Youngson "President of the Methodist Conference " Methodist Church
Mr Bala Gnanapragasam Vice-President of the Methodist Conference Methodist Church
Thousand 4 1000
Brighton Migrant Solidarity
Celia Sands Director South London Refugee Association
Maya Mailer Campaigns Director Asylum Matters
Guppi Bola Interim Director MedAct
Cllr Cleo Lake Green Councillor Green Party
Cllr Kaltum Osman Rivers Green Councillor Green Party
Jilna Shah Chief Executive Officer (Maternity Cover) Migrants Rights Network
Illary Valenzuela-Oblitas Violence Against Women and Girls Policy Coordinator LAWRS
Greens of Colour
Dianna Nammi Executive Director IKWRO
David Smith Policy Director RLA
Dami Makinde Project Co-lead Let Us Learn, Just for Kids Law
Dave Prentis General Secretary UNISON
Paul Hook Head of Campaigns Refugee Action
Latifa Akay Director of Education Maslaha
Celia Clarke Director BID
Emiliano Mellino Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB)
Asad Rehman Executive Director War on Want
Bill Mackeith End Heathrow Immigration Detention
Toni Soni Centre Director Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre
Kamena Dorling Group Head of Policy and Public Affairs CORAM
Kunle Olulode Director Voice 4 Change England
Sandhya Sharma Group Director Safety4Sisters North West
Deniz U─čur Director IMECE Women's Centre
Inclusive Mosque Initiative
Jamie Burton Chair Just Fair
Elwaldo Romeo Chair Windrush Action
Paul Parker Recording Clerk Quakers in Britain
Arten Llazari CEO Refugee and Migrant Centre (Black Country and Birmingham)

You can read the open letter, published by the Financial Times on 1 June 2019, here.