After a terrible summer which saw her lose her home, things are finally improving for Seema.
As the pandemic took hold in the spring, she had to stay at home to shield, which meant she was unable to work her job as a GP receptionist.
Seema has lived, worked and paid taxes in the UK for 11 years. But while a British person could fall back on the social safety net, Seema is one of 1.4 million migrants whose visa conditions exclude her from benefits.
With no way to pay rent, her landlord harassed her, then threw her out. She ended up homeless.
“I gave up” said Seema, “It was too hard.”
She came to us for help, and her lawyer at JCWI, Georgina, helped her get the benefits ban removed from her visa conditions.
Now, despite the struggle that comes with the ongoing pandemic, she has the fundamental support she needs to help rebuild her life, including a new home.
No matter our nationality or immigration status, we all deserve the same protections to help us through hard times.